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Beschreibung: Description of the model.

The model is constructed as a box in the middle is an up and down mechanism where
the pilot is placed. The drowning is a cardboard figure with an eye to
wire on his helmet. The figure is surrounded by the sea and of course the part immediately
revolves around him around to suggest the influence of the helicopter rotor
on the water. Above the water moves a helicopter Sikorsky S-58.
This type made its first flight in 1954. It is primarily used as military
transport helicopter. He is also widely used in Vietnam. The helicopter can move in
all directions. Above the door is a pulley system mounted that the drowning
will be saved.

The movements of the helicopter and operating the hoist is via push buttons
which are in front of the model.

The fairly strong winds is generated by two propellers.

The operation of the model:

When the program starts an initialization is first performed.
The helicopter is placed in the position and the hoist is up to the
top position, top position is determined by a reed switch with magnet
the hook block.
Then the tail rotor and main rotor rotation, the water in motion
and the wind stirred.

Now the helicopter with the buttons in the best position and put the hook
lowered. It should therefore be attempted to hook into the eyelet on the helmet to bring
and then the swimmer to hoist.
And that's difficult because the victim is unconscious and can not cooperate, but he
goes through the swell irregularly and even goes up and down several times submerged.
In addition, the winds from different directions so that the hook is far from stable.

After several attempts, you can develop a strategy which eventually
the drowning man will succeed to win.
There are several difficulty levels possible by the prevailing wind
and the velocity of the upward and downward movement of the swimmer.

See the movie especially for the operation of a thing.

Model helicopter: Free Paper Model - Copyright 2001 E. Zarkov van www.paper-avia.com

Hinzugefügt am: 12.07.11 10:37
Konstrukteur: The rescue of a pilot at the open sea.
Fotograf: thedutchbuilder
Hinzugefügt von: dutchbuilder

Autor: Kommentar:
12.07.11 16:00
Respect respect. I think its a good and perfect model. The best is the realistic helicopter and the pilot.
Its a very good game model.

19.07.11 20:51
Zeer mooi gemaakt en doordacht met die wind propellors. Ziet er netjes uit.